Institute of Marine Affairs Public Lecture Series

Event: Institute of Marine Affairs lecture series – Science and Innovation for Marine Conservation

The Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA) in Trinidad and Tobago is marking its 40th anniversary with a series of lectures on the theme “Science and Innovation for Marine Conservation”: How can marine science help us contribute to the sustainable management of our livelihoods, jobs and our energy-based sectors? We can …

White-necked Jacobin. Image: Dave Curtis

Birding in Trinidad and Tobago: the economic benefits

In a post on the blog Wild Tobago, wildlife photographer Faraaz Abdool writes about birding in Trinidad and Tobago and the potential for economic benefit through avitourism: For a physically tiny country, T&T has an extreme wealth and diversity of birdlife. Clocking almost five hundred avian species, our twin islands …

Tuna. Image: Bart via Flickr

Project launched to test mercury levels in fish in the Caribbean

The Basel Convention Regional Centre for the Caribbean will son be starting to project to test the levels of mercury in fish in the region: Trinidad and Tobago is one of several Caribbean countries that will soon be participating in a biomonitoring project to evaluate mercury levels in fish regularly …


Video: Deep sea wonders of the Caribbean

Deep Sea Wonders of the Caribbean is a five-part video series that promotes awareness of the Caribbean’s deep oceans. It features footage from an expedition by the E/V Nautilus, which was led by the renowned Professor Robert Ballard. The project which was conceptualised by marine biologist, Dr. Judith Gobin who …

Black tip reef shark. Image credit: Faris Algosaibi

Caribbean conservationists at a meeting in Trinidad unhappy to find shark on the menu

At a recent regional seminar in Trinidad, conservationists were dismayed to be served what was apparently shark meat: In an unfortunate turn of events, several conservationists were allegedly served bake and shark at a recent seminar hosted by the US Embassy on Caribbean disaster management and preparedness at a Port …

Len Peters, turtle conservationist. Image via Points of Light

Trinidad and Tobago turtle conservationist receives Commonwealth Point of Light award

Turtle conservationist Len Peters is the recipient of the first Commonwealth Points of Light award, in honour of his exceptional voluntary service protecting endangered turtle species: Len Peters, representing Trinidad and Tobago, is a turtle conservationist and chairman of the ‘Grande Riviere Nature Tour Guide Association’ who protects 20,000 turtle …


Event: Trinidad and Tobago Energy Conference 2018

The 2018 Trinidad and Tobago Energy Conference concluded yesterday (January 24) in Port of Spain. A leading Shell executive said that too much energy is wasted in T&T, and more consideration needs to be given to energy efficiency and use of renewable sources. In his feature address, Trinidad and Tobago …