Black tip reef shark. Image credit: Faris Algosaibi

Caribbean conservationists at a meeting in Trinidad unhappy to find shark on the menu

At a recent regional seminar in Trinidad, conservationists were dismayed to be served what was apparently shark meat: In an unfortunate turn of events, several conservationists were allegedly served bake and shark at a recent seminar hosted by the US Embassy on Caribbean disaster management and preparedness at a Port …

Gaiac tree, St. Maarten. Image credit: Mark Yokoyama.

After Irma: stories from St. Maarten of how nature recovers after a hurricane

Over at Les Fruits de Mers, Mark Yokoyama is writing wonderful and thought-provoking articles about how nature in St. Maarten is recovering, and changing, in the wake of Hurricane Irma. Here’s an excerpt: A hurricane brings us closer to nature in many ways, both big and small. The storm itself …