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Weekend photos: peacock flounders

Peacock flounder, © Michael Buchanan

The peacock flounder changes its color and the pattern on its skin to exactly match the sea floor. One of the eyes recognizes the pattern of its surroundings. If this eye is covered by sand, the peacock flounder can’t camouflage itself. (Via) These photos, both taken by Michael Buchanan, were entries in the first international […]

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Winners announced in the first international Dutch Caribbean Nature Photo Competition

Overall winner of the first International Dutch Caribbean Nature Photo Contest, © Richard Stanage

The above photo, taken by Richard Stanage, was adjudged the overall winner of the first International Dutch Caribbean Nature Photo Contest, which was organized by the Saba Conservation Foundation and the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA). See more of the other beautiful photos that were entered in the competition at the DCNA website.

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Durrell Trust reports successful captive breeding of the endangered Lesser Antillean Iguana

In other, more positive iguana news, the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust in Jersey, has reported the first successful captive breeding in over a decade of the endangered Lesser Antillean Iguana (Iguana delicatissima, distinct from the green or common iguana, Iguana iguana). The BBC reports: Two rare Caribbean iguanas have been born at the Durrell Wildlife […]

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Travelmole highlights “sustainable tourism delights” in the Caribbean

As the 2012 Sustainable Tourism Awards approach (nominations close Janauary 31), TravelMole is highlighting a variety of sustainable tourism best practice cases from around the Caribbean. Here’s the list: • A fishing community [Bluefields Bay] on Jamaica’s South Coast taking action to regenerate its nearby marine environment • Developing agrotourism in the Caribbean. Key elements […]

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Oil terminal development on Statia is a threat to the environment and sustainable development

There is growing concern in St. Eustatius (also known as Statia) about plans for the expansion of an oil terminal on the island: The Caribbean basin is one of the world’s major oil producing regions, with Venezuela boasting the western hemisphere’s largest reserves (and refineries), in addition to other producers like Mexico, Columbia, and the […]

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Bonaire, Saba and Statia develop five-year nature policy plan

The territories of the Dutch Caribbean recently met to develop a five-year nature policy: On October 13th the first workshop for the formulation of a Nature Policy Plan for the Dutch Caribbean [was] held in Bonaire. The main stakeholders of Saba, Sint Eustatius and Bonaire in the area of nature conservation and protection [came] together […]

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New network of marine protected areas includes Anguilla, Saba, Statia, St. Barths, St. Maarten and St. Martin

Representatives from six Caribbean territories are meeting in St. Martin to launch a new network of marine protected areas: The Reserve Naturelle organizes the first exchange meeting for marine protected areas of St. Martin, St. Maarten, St. Barths, Anguilla, Saba and Statia. The four-day meeting started [on Monday] with a lunch at the Mercure hotel, […]

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Volunteer opportunity: national park conservation in St. Eustatius

Via the Working Abroad website: Join the St. Eustatius National Parks Foundation and help to conserve their two parks – the Marine Park and the Quill National Park. Acquire new skills and knowledge about conservation, local flora and fauna of Statia and take part in trail work and tropical gardening. Opportunities for Volunteers • Trail […]

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Caribbean territories represented at European Union climate change workshop

Several Caribbean territories were represented at a recent European Union climate change workshop: The “Islands and Adapting to Climate Change” workshop … was geared towards small islands, addressed challenges and applicable tools that overseas territories can implement to manage climate change adaptation initiatives and strategies. In attendance were representatives from The Cayman Islands, Aruba, Bonaire, […]

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Using GIS to map nature in the Dutch Caribbean

In their latest blog post the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA) explains some of their recent conservation work, monitoring and mapping flora and fauna in Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, St. Eustatius and St. Maarten: Protecting this paradise is the goal of the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA), a partnership organization made up of the islands’ […]

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Can the Caribbean survive climate induced impacts?

The UN Climate Change Conference 2012 is being held in Quatar this week. Caribbean 360 reports on concerns of survivability […]

Green Antilles interview: Salome Buglass, Masters student at UBC, asks Have Tobago’s corals survived mass bleaching?

It is my joy to present the second Green Antilles interview. Salome Buglass is a Master’s student at the University […]

World Ocean Assessment workshop for the Caribbean

On November 13-15, a World Ocean Assessment Workshop was held for the Wider Caribbean in Miami, Florida. The Workshop for […]

Economic impact assessment of recreational fishing in the Caribbean

Recreational fisheries are prevalent in most Caribbean islands, though to date, the socio-economic characteristics of this sector are poorly studied. […]

Weekend photos: peacock flounders

Peacock flounder, © Michael Buchanan

The peacock flounder changes its color and the pattern on its skin to exactly match the sea floor. One of […]