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New project to improve Caribbean cocoa production

Cocoa tree, Dominica

Scientists from the University of Greenwich, in cooperation with the University of Trinidad and Tobago and the Jamaica Cocoa Board will be carrying out research on ways to increase cocoa production in the Caribbean by improving pollination rates: The Natural Resources Institute (NRI) [at the University of Greenwich] is collaborating with the University of Trinidad […]

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Jamaica’s Adaption Fund Programme seeks to rehabilitate the country’s coastline

Negril, Jamaica

Last week the government of Jamaica launched its national Adaptation Fund Programme: Jamaica is taking steps towards enhancing the resilience of its agriculture sector and coastal areas in an effort to protect the livelihood and food security of its people. The objectives will be achieved under the Jamaica Adaptation Fund Programme, which was formally launched […]

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Jamaican government revokes oil exploration licence

Flag of Jamaica

Plans for oil exploration in Jamaica have gone awry: The Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ) has revoked the exploration licence granted to Rainville Energy Corp, a subsidiary of Sagres Energy, due to the failure of Rainville to meet its financial obligations under the current agreement between the two companies. Under the agreement, which dates back […]

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Video: Jamaica’s power company advised to “let go of oil” and make the switch to renewables

Owen Gunning, president of the Jamaica Society of Energy Engineers, has said that the Jamaica Public Service Company (the country’s sole distributor of electricity) is not doing enough to make the necessary transition to alternative energy: THE country cannot continue to depend on oil if the island intends to make meaningful progress with its economy, […]

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FAO to help Jamaican pig farmers generate bio-energy

Pig and piglets, Agrofest 2012, Barbados

From the Jamaica Gleaner comes news of an new initiative to convert pig waste to power: The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is to assist Jamaican pig farmers in generating bio-energy from their operations so as to boost their income and benefit from the renewable energy sector. FAO Sub-Regional Livestock Development Officer for […]

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Caribbean Sustainable Energy Road Map: Call to Participate on a Study Tour

The Caribbean Community is invited expressions of interest for participation in a Sustainable Energy Study Tour: The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat has received financing from the Inter-American Development Bank to support the development of the Caribbean Sustainable Energy Road Map. The Secretariat intends to apply part of the proceeds to fund a Study Tour which […]

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Ashden Awards to offer recognition for sustainable energy initiatives in small island developing states

Small Island Developing States Awards 2013

The Ashden Awards are seeking enterprises and programs who: • Increasing the use of renewable energy and improving energy efficiency. • Bringing economic and social benefits while demonstrably cutting CO2 emissions. • Using approaches that can expand or be replicated across small island developing states. This includes activities related to: • Greening the electricity grid. […]

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Outdated fisheries legislation enables over-fishing in Jamaica

Fisheries legislation in many Caribbean islands is extremely outdated. Several islands, including Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, are presently in the process of passing new fisheries laws. However the process is moving far too slowly, and Caribbean fisheries continue to be depleted in an open access and largely unregulated system. The Jamaican Observer reports: Impatient […]

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Teaming up against the invasive predatory lionfish

The Dominican Today reports on recent collaborative efforts to reduce the impact of the invasive lionfish species in the Caribbean. Dominican and Jamaican experts are joining efforts to mitigate the threat of invasive exotic marine species such as the lionfish, in the Caribbean. According to the Dominican Ministry of Environment, the rapid spread of the […]

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Caribbean coral reefs endangered by overfishing

Stoplight parrotfish, Belize

In an article for IPS News, Desmond Brown explains how healthy fish populations are important to coral reef conservation: [Antiguan environmentalist Eli] Fuller said Caribbean countries could do several things to help damaged coral reefs rejuvenate, including designating certain places as marine protected areas. A protected area is a specific region of land or water […]

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Can the Caribbean survive climate induced impacts?

The UN Climate Change Conference 2012 is being held in Quatar this week. Caribbean 360 reports on concerns of survivability […]

Green Antilles interview: Salome Buglass, Masters student at UBC, asks Have Tobago’s corals survived mass bleaching?

It is my joy to present the second Green Antilles interview. Salome Buglass is a Master’s student at the University […]

World Ocean Assessment workshop for the Caribbean

On November 13-15, a World Ocean Assessment Workshop was held for the Wider Caribbean in Miami, Florida. The Workshop for […]

Economic impact assessment of recreational fishing in the Caribbean

Recreational fisheries are prevalent in most Caribbean islands, though to date, the socio-economic characteristics of this sector are poorly studied. […]

Weekend photos: peacock flounders

Peacock flounder, © Michael Buchanan

The peacock flounder changes its color and the pattern on its skin to exactly match the sea floor. One of […]