Nassau Grouper. Image credit: Stephanie Archer, Oregon State University

Scientists use facial recognition technology to track grouper populations in the Cayman Islands

Scientists in the Cayman Islands recently began using facial recognition technology to monitor Nassau grouper (Epinephelus striatus) during their spawning season: The methods used to count the grouper at aggregation sites have become ever more sophisticated. This year, scientists used a mix of “floy tagging” – counting the prevalence of …

Coral reef restoration. Image via: FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute

Event: Central Caribbean Marine Institute Reef Lecture Series

As part of their activities to celebrate the third International Year of the Reef, the Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI) in the Cayman Islands, is launching a Reef Lecture Series. The first talk in the series will take place on February 8: Coral Reef Restoration in the Cayman Islands: Past, …

Coral reef, Cayman Islands. Image credit: Twilight Zone Expedition Team 2007, NOAA-OE

Cayman Islands Brewery supports coral reef conservation

The Cayman Islands Brewery is partnering with the Central Caribbean Marine Institute to reduce waste and its impacts on coral reefs: The Central Caribbean Marine Institute has partnered with the Cayman Islands Brewery to promote a “Zero Impact” on local coral reefs initiative. For every case of Cayman Islands Brewery …