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Weekend photos: peacock flounders

Peacock flounder, © Michael Buchanan

The peacock flounder changes its color and the pattern on its skin to exactly match the sea floor. One of the eyes recognizes the pattern of its surroundings. If this eye is covered by sand, the peacock flounder can’t camouflage itself. (Via) These photos, both taken by Michael Buchanan, were entries in the first international […]

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Winners announced in the first international Dutch Caribbean Nature Photo Competition

Overall winner of the first International Dutch Caribbean Nature Photo Contest, © Richard Stanage

The above photo, taken by Richard Stanage, was adjudged the overall winner of the first International Dutch Caribbean Nature Photo Contest, which was organized by the Saba Conservation Foundation and the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA). See more of the other beautiful photos that were entered in the competition at the DCNA website.

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Video: Paul Hoetjes talks about the lionfish invasion of the Caribbean

Paul Hoetjes, of the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, which has responsibility for nature conservation in the Netherlands Antilles talks about the lionfish progression in the Caribbean, and how to best deal with the invasion. This interview was recorded as part of the recently concluded Saba Sea & Learn activities.

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Bonaire aiming for 100% renewable energy

Lighthouse, Bonaire

Bonaire is on its way to achieving its goals of being 100% powered by renewable energy: The Caribbean island of Bonaire has been on a pretty interesting path energy-wise since 2004, when the island’s sole power plant burned to the ground. Given an opportunity to rebuild literally from the ground up, the government decided to […]

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Video: the Bonaire banded box jelly named one of the top ten new species of 2011

The Bonaire banded box jellyfish, Tamoya ohboya, has been listed as one of the top ten newly discovered species of 2011: Ten new species are highlighted in the Top Ten New Species list for 2012, the fifth year for this interesting record. The list, created by the International Institute for Species Exploration at Arizona State […]

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Battling the lionfish invasion in Bonaire

Lionfish, Windsock Reef, Bonaire

Green Antilles reader Patrick Holian drew my attention to an article he wrote for the Earth Island Journal about lionfish control efforts in Bonaire. Here’s an excerpt: The swiftness of the invasion grabbed Ramón De León’s attention back in 2009. De León is the manager of Bonaire’s STINAPA National Marine Park, an underwater wonderworld that […]

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Video: How to kill a coral reef: Lessons from the Caribbean (and hope for the future)

A talk given by marine biologist Robert Steneck, based on over 30 years of research in Caribbean locations including the US Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Belize and Bonaire.

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Video: Parrot conservation on Bonaire

An interview with Dr. Sam Williams, director of EchoBonaire.org who is dedicated to preserving the species of Yellow-shouldered Amazon Green Parrots on the caribbean island of Bonaire. His research and foundation helps to protect these parrots from extinction so that future generations will enjoy these birds in the wild. For more information visit www.echobonaire.org.

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Internship opportunity: Marine Ecology Expeditions, Bonaire

Via ecologyofcoralreefs.com: The Marine Ecology Expeditions (MEE) Caribbean Internship Program is offering 3 – 6 month work experience internships in Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean. The hands-on training in coral reef ecology and conservation will provide work experience that is not available at most universities. The specific skills you learn will depend on ongoing research projects and […]

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Tropical Kingdom: Bonaire

Bonaire is one of six Dutch Caribbean islands and since 10/10/10, along with Saba and St. Eustatius, is a full municipality of the Netherlands, adding a treasure’s chest of biodiversity to the country. This video explores some of that tremendous nature, the conservation efforts to maintain it and the pressures that threaten it. Another in […]

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Can the Caribbean survive climate induced impacts?

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World Ocean Assessment workshop for the Caribbean

On November 13-15, a World Ocean Assessment Workshop was held for the Wider Caribbean in Miami, Florida. The Workshop for […]

Economic impact assessment of recreational fishing in the Caribbean

Recreational fisheries are prevalent in most Caribbean islands, though to date, the socio-economic characteristics of this sector are poorly studied. […]

Weekend photos: peacock flounders

Peacock flounder, © Michael Buchanan

The peacock flounder changes its color and the pattern on its skin to exactly match the sea floor. One of […]