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The challenges and successes of greening a Caribbean regatta

St Maarten Heineken Regatta

Sailors for the Sea reports on what the organizers of the recently held St. Maarten Heineken Regatta have been doing to make the Regatta cleaner and greener: [T]he best part of [the event] for us at Sailors for the Sea has been watching the regatta step up their Clean Regattas certification to the Silver level […]

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Postgraduate scholarship for Caribbean nationals studying disaster risk management

The Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility (CCRIF) has launched a scholarship programme for Caribbean nationals pursuing graduate studies in disaster risk management and related areas, including meteorology and climate change: The Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility (CCRIF) is pleased to announce the launch of its Extra-Regional Scholarship Programme for Caribbean nationals. Through this programme, CCRIF […]

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Video: Bermuda’s role in Sargasso Sea conservation

This video was produced as part of a larger initiative to protect the Sargasso Sea from commercial exploitation: Local and international conservationists, teaming with the Bermuda Government, have joined the Pew initiative in an effort to have the Sargasso Sea protected by law. Last year the Atlantic Conservation Partnership [ACP] — formerly Friends of the […]

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Bermuda’s population of White-tailed tropicbirds soars

Happy New Year from Green Antilles! I’m going to start the new year off with some encouraging news updates. First, from Bermuda, a story about the recovery of the island’s population of White-tailed Tropicbirds, also known as Bermuda longtails: Conservation officer Jeremy Madeiros says with continued protection and management, the future now looks bright for […]

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The Bermuda Turtle Project

BerNews spotlights the work of the Bermuda Turtle Project: Baby loggerheads hatched by the Bermuda Turtle Project — seen being released and scrambling into the sea in this video – underscore the initiative’s ongoing efforts to repopulate the island’s waters. Five of the world’s seven sea turtle species are known to occur in Bermuda waters. […]

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Bermuda Department of Energy launches energy conservation competition

The Bermuda Department of Energy has launched a competition to encourage consumers to conserve energy: The Department of Energy this week launched what will be a ten-month competition to see who can reduce their electricity use the most. Along with lower power bills, the winning household will take home a $600 travel voucher. The Department […]

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Bermuda strengthens protection for endangered species

In Bermuda, legislation to protect the island’s endangered species has been strengthened: Increased fines of up to $25,000 have been brought in to better protect Bermuda’s endangered species. The move comes as the Protected Species Amendment Act was passed by the House of Assembly although the Opposition complained the new rules could be circumvented by […]

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Amid concerns about ciguatera poisoning, reassurance that lionfish caught in Bermuda are safe to eat

More about lionfish and ciguatera toxin. Experts in Bermuda are making the assurance that lionfish caught in Bermuda are safe to eat, as the prevalance of ciguatera there is extremely low: Lionfish that have invaded Bermuda’s offshore waters are perfectly edible, local experts have claimed. A recent US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) study in […]

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In Bermuda, NASA-funded scientists study sea level changes

A group of scientists, sponsored by the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), were recently in Bermuda to do research on sea-level changes: A team of scientists believes that Bermuda’s mangroves and coral reefs hide information about the history of the Atlantic’s ever-changing sea levels. A NASA-funded team of researchers, including Bermudian Lisa Rodrigues, […]

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Lionfish invasion in Bermuda is “like some sort of horror movie”

Earlier this year a representative of the Bermuda Aquarium expressed his view that the lionfish invasion in Bermuda was not a serious threat. Now an experienced scuba diver is voicing a different opinion, that the lionfish problem in Bermuda is more severe than people think: The threat of lionfish decimating local fish stocks is far […]

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Can the Caribbean survive climate induced impacts?

The UN Climate Change Conference 2012 is being held in Quatar this week. Caribbean 360 reports on concerns of survivability […]

Green Antilles interview: Salome Buglass, Masters student at UBC, asks Have Tobago’s corals survived mass bleaching?

It is my joy to present the second Green Antilles interview. Salome Buglass is a Master’s student at the University […]

World Ocean Assessment workshop for the Caribbean

On November 13-15, a World Ocean Assessment Workshop was held for the Wider Caribbean in Miami, Florida. The Workshop for […]

Economic impact assessment of recreational fishing in the Caribbean

Recreational fisheries are prevalent in most Caribbean islands, though to date, the socio-economic characteristics of this sector are poorly studied. […]

Weekend photos: peacock flounders

Peacock flounder, © Michael Buchanan

The peacock flounder changes its color and the pattern on its skin to exactly match the sea floor. One of […]