Barbados Horticultural Society display at the Chelsea Flower Show. Image credit: Alwyn Ladell

Call for more youth participation in horticulture in Barbados

The Barbados Horticulture Society recently held its annual flower show.  The number of plants on display decreased this year, and the leader of the Barbados Agricultural Society would like to see more done to get young people interested and involved in horticulture: Even though the horticulture sector continues to thrive …

Running faucet. Image credit: Steve Johnson
Water and sanitation

After US Embassy alert, health officials in Barbados assure public that tap water is safe to drink

Last week the US Embassy in Barbados issued an alert to staff about the quality of tap water on the island. However, government officials categorically maintain that tap water in Barbados is safe to drink: A day after the United States Embassy sent out a health alert to its staff in Barbados, …


Event: Trinidad and Tobago Energy Conference 2018

The 2018 Trinidad and Tobago Energy Conference concluded yesterday (January 24) in Port of Spain. A leading Shell executive said that too much energy is wasted in T&T, and more consideration needs to be given to energy efficiency and use of renewable sources. In his feature address, Trinidad and Tobago …

Flying fish. Image credit: John Cobb.

Eastern Caribbean countries participate in project to manage shared flyingfish fishery

The Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM) is leading several countries in projects to support sustainable management of the Eastern Caribbean flyingfish fishery: Seven Caribbean countries are participating in a recently launched series of subprojects which the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM) is leading under a sustainable management initiative for the …

Sewage outfall. Image credit: Steve Spring | Marine Photobank
Water and sanitation

Sewage crisis in Barbados

Coverage from Global Voices of ongoing sewage problems in Barbados: The unthinkable has happened to one of the Caribbean’s most popular destinations — and it has struck at the height of tourist season. 2018 began with a sewage leak — which the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) called a “crisis” — seeping …

Solar panels. Image credit: Mountain/ \Ash

European Union supports renewable energy development in Barbados

Barbados has received €1.12 million ($1.35 million) from the European Union towards the advancement of energy self-sufficiency from renewable resources: This is the first payment of a total contribution of €3 million ($3.6 million). This activity is in line with the country’s commitment to the United Nations Framework Convention on …

Peter A. Murray - Programme Manager, Fisheries Management and Development, CRFM Secretariat, lecturing to participants. Image credit: CRFM

Caribbean countries better equipped to fight illegal, unreported or unregulated fishing

Coast Guard and Marine Police officers in the Eastern Caribbean recently received training in Fisheries Prosecution and Interdiction: Twenty border control officers from six Member States of the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM) completed a three-week training course in Fisheries Prosecution and Interdiction, organized by the Barbados-based Regional Security System …