Sunrun offering residential solar energy to Puerto Rico

Solar Panel. Image: Marufish

US company Sunrun, has begun offering home solar and battery services in Puerto Rico:

Sunrun Inc., a leading stateside residential solar, storage and energy services company, has begun offering solar-as-a-service and home batteries to households in Puerto Rico.

Its Brightbox service manages household solar energy, storage and utility power with inverter technology and can be installed in one day in some applications.

The company has trained more than 40 people on the island and has reached collaborative agreements with Maximo Solar and is seeking to establish agreements with other companies.

Sunrun was one of the first stateside solar companies to send aid to the island in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. It partnered with non-profits Empowered By Light and GivePower to deliver solar and battery systems that “ensured fire stations could continue to provide essential emergency services” uninterrupted since installed, according to the company’s release.

“Sunrun is proud to support Puerto Rico’s vibrant solar economy by creating jobs and offering residents the freedom to make their own energy,” said Lynn Jurich, Sunrun CEO and co-founder.

Read more at Caribbean Business and in this Sunrun media release.

[Image: Marufish]

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