Crested Oropendola. Image credit: Alistair Rae

A birder’s guide to Trinidad

According to this article from Discover Trinidad and Tobago, it’s peak birding season in Trinidad right now: The island is blessed with nearly 500 recorded species — among the top 10 countries in the world for number of species per square mile. Peak birding season is November–May, but there’s lots …

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Soufrière Scotts Head Marine Reserve, Scott's Head, Commonwealth of Dominica. Image credit: Wayne Hsieh

For optimal marine reserve design, take tourism into account

A new research article argues, based on a bioeconomic model, that “accounting for tourism benefits will ultimately motivate greater ocean protection” when it comes to the design and management of marine reserves: Marine reserve design often considers potential benefits to conservation and/or fisheries but typically ignores potential revenues generated through …

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Hurricane Maria destruction on Dominica. Image credit Tanya Holden/DFID
Climate Change

Post-hurricane, what does it mean to “build back better” in Dominica?

After the devastation caused by Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017, we heard a lot about the need for the Caribbean to “build back better”. In this article for IPS News, Desmond Brown explores some perspectives from Dominica on what that might mean: “We certainly did not act fast enough …

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[Image credit: Karen H. Koltes/Daniel C. Miller]

Results of 25 years of Caribbean coastal monitoring data now available

The Caribbean Coastal Marine Productivity Program (CARICOMP) has been running for 25 years, monitoring the health of coastal ecosystems in the wider Caribbean region. Results from that monitoring have recently been published. Via Science Daily: A team including Smithsonian marine biologists just released 25 years of data about the health …

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Coral reef, St. Thomas, USVI

Exploration of seas in the US Virgin Islands reveals corals devastated by Hurricane Irma and Maria

The Independent reports on the results of early investigations into the condition of coral reefs in the US Virgin Islands after Hurricanes Irma and Maria: To investigate how vulnerable corals are to hurricanes, and how capable they are of recovering, a team of scientists has been exploring the reefs off …

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