Grand Anse beach, Grenada. Image credit: Wayne Hsieh.

Grenada officially declares the Grand Anse Marine Protected Area

The famed Grand Anse beach is now part of Grenada’s newest Marine Protected Area (MPA): The Government of Grenada has officially launched the Grand Anse Marine Protected Area (GAMPA), which stretches from the entrance of Port Louis Marina in the north to the southernmost point of the Maurice Bishop International …

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Sugarcane fields in Cuba. Image credit: lezumbalaberenjena

Cuba aims for energy independence

“The right path for Cuba is the sun, energy independence is national independence.” A firm statement from Rossel Guerra, head of Cuba’s renewable energy directorate, as he recently outlined Cuba’s sustainable energy targets: Cuba established a commitment to stop emitting 6 million tons of carbon dioxide per year into the atmosphere, …

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Barbados Horticultural Society display at the Chelsea Flower Show. Image credit: Alwyn Ladell

Call for more youth participation in horticulture in Barbados

The Barbados Horticulture Society recently held its annual flower show.  The number of plants on display decreased this year, and the leader of the Barbados Agricultural Society would like to see more done to get young people interested and involved in horticulture: Even though the horticulture sector continues to thrive …

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Following removal of invasive species, Puerto Rico’s Monito gecko population is thriving

The Monito Gecko (Sphaerodactylus micropithecus) is found only on Monito Island, offshore off Puerto Rico. In 1982 the gecko was declared as endangered under U.S. federal law. Since then programmes to eradicate rats from the island have led to a rebound in gecko populations: While hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico continues to …

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Mangrove clearance at Ruimzigt, Guyana. Image via Stabroek News.

In Guyana, concern over removal of mangroves

In Guyana, mangroves are being removed to install sea defence works, and residents of nearby communities are not pleased: Residents of Ruimzigt on the West Coast of Demerara say they are concerned that sea defence works have resulted in the clearing of mangroves and other vegetation along the shoreline. Stabroek …

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Webinar: Gender Mainstreaming In Global Climate Finance Mechanisms. Image via Women's Environment and Development Organization.
Climate Change

Webinar: Gender mainstreaming in global climate finance mechanisms – February 1, 2018

On Thursday February 1, 2018, the Women’s Environment and Development Organization (WEDO) will be presenting a webinar on gender mainstreaming in global climate finance mechanisms: Join us for the second session of our five part series on women’s rights and climate finance, aiming to build knowledge and power to ensure …

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Bilateral meeting between CARICOM Secretariat and representatives of UN Environment's Latin America and Caribbean office. Image © Caribbean Community.

Caribbean Community and UN Environment to strengthen cooperation

UN Environment, via its regional office for Latin America and the Caribbean, is moving toward greater cooperation with the Caribbean Community (CARICOM): The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has expressed strong interest in strengthening its collaboration with the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) to improve environmental sustainability in the Region. Regional Director …

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