Institute of Marine Affairs Public Lecture Series

Event: Institute of Marine Affairs lecture series – Science and Innovation for Marine Conservation

The Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA) in Trinidad and Tobago is marking its 40th anniversary with a series of lectures on the theme “Science and Innovation for Marine Conservation”: How can marine science help us contribute to the sustainable management of our livelihoods, jobs and our energy-based sectors? We can …

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Rice plant. Image credit: Washed Over

Guyana develops new variety of rice

The Guyana Rice Development Board recently announced the development of a new high-yield variety of rice: Guyana says it has developed a new variety of rice that could result in the industry benefitting significantly in the future. Agriculture Minister Noel Holder has described the new paddy variety, “GRDB 15”, as …

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White-necked Jacobin. Image: Dave Curtis

Birding in Trinidad and Tobago: the economic benefits

In a post on the blog Wild Tobago, wildlife photographer Faraaz Abdool writes about birding in Trinidad and Tobago and the potential for economic benefit through avitourism: For a physically tiny country, T&T has an extreme wealth and diversity of birdlife. Clocking almost five hundred avian species, our twin islands …

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The Seeds of Love Program encourages the youth of the British Virgin Islands to take part in helping restore the country’s natural beauty. Image by BVI Tourism Board of Tourism

Seeds of Love: replanting the British Virgin Islands

Lonely Planet reports on the British Virgin Islands’ Seeds of Love tree replanting programme: It took just a few hours for the lush greens, towering coconut trees and vibrant hues of hibiscus flowers to be wiped away from the British Virgin Islands landscape. Category 5 Hurricane Irma made a direct …

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Power lines. Image: dean oakley

Renewable energy use increases in Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman’s chief electricity supplier reports that in the first quarter of 2018, their use of renewable energy has increased 250% over the same period last year: As Caribbean Utilities Company published its financial results for the first quarter of 2018 this week, Grand Cayman’s power provider has also revealed …

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Fishing in Jamaica. Image: Leonidas Konstantinidis

Jamaica’s minister for fisheries announces intention to revitalize the sector

Jamaica’s minister for industry, commerce, agriculture, and fisheries, Audley Shaw, has announced that the fisheries sector will be a key component of Jamaica’s blue economy drive: Senior Government minister Audley Shaw says that the fisheries sector will come in for sharp focus while the Government leverages the sustainable use of …

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One of the new fish species discovered in the Caribbean deep reefs. Image: Carole Baldwin, Smithsonian

New fish species discovered in the Caribbean’s “rariphotic” ocean zones

Researchers at the Smithsonian Institute’s Deep Reef Observation Project (DROP) and the University of Washington have discovered several new deep reef fish species in the Caribbean: University of Washington scientists are joining the Smithsonian to identify fish in deep reefs that are still a total mystery. Preliminary work suggest that one-third …

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