Marriott Hotel, Georgetown, Guyana. Image: Jameel Mohammed

Guyana Marriott to go solar-powered

The Swiss energy company meeco will be engineering a solar-power system for the Marriott Hotel in Georgetown, Guyana: The Marriott Hotel Guyana in Georgetown will soon benefit from an eco-friendly, sustainable and cost-efficient energy supply, the mee co Group said in a statement. “The leading five-star hotel in Guyana has concluded an …

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Grenada panorama. Image: Andrew Moore
Climate Change

Grenada creates new climate change Ministry

The Government of Grenada has created a new ministry specifically to deal with the wide-ranging effects of climate change: Speaking at the opening of the Caribbean Development Bank’s 48th annual Board of Governors in Grenada on [May 30], Dr Keith Mitchell said the Ministry of Climate Change, Environment, Fisheries, Forestry …

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Solid waste

Antigua and Barbuda to impose heavy penalties for littering

Antigua and Barbuda’s Minster of Health and the Environment has announced that revised anti-littering laws will impose severe penalties on violators: Health Minister Molwyn Joseph has announced the most “advanced” litter act currently in the draft stage which will see jail sentences imposed on offenders. Joseph made the announcement in …

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Greenhouse. Image: J Biochemist

Bahamian company partners with Chinese firms for agricultural development

Bahamaren, a Bahamian business consultancy and trade facilitation company, recently announced that it has signed memoranda of understanding with two Chinese companies, with a focus on agricultural development and innovation: Bahamaren Limited is hoping to provide affordable agricultural greenhouse technology, artificial intelligence (AI) technology and agricultural machinery in The Bahamas …

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Offshore oil rig. Image: Bryan Burke.
Oil and gas

Case concerning oil company environmental permits goes before Guyana’s Court of Appeal

A court case concerning the issuance of environmental permits to companies engaged in oil exploration in Guyana’s waters went before the Guyana Court of Appeal earlier this week: The Court of Appeal on Tuesday began hearing arguments, though not yet substantive, on the High Court’s decision to throw out a …

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Waterfall, Guyana. Image: Sam Rich
Climate Change

Guyana to improve water resources management, with funding from the Caribbean Development Bank

The Caribbean Development Bank recently announced that funding will be provided to the government of Guyana to upgrade Guyana’s water sector, including improving resilience against climate change: The Board of Directors of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) has approved a loan of USD1.3 million (mn) to assist in upgrading the …

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Pigeon Island, Saint Lucia. Image: Jon Callas

Saint Lucia launches National Conservation Fund

After several years of groundwork-laying, the Saint Lucia National Conservation Fund (SLUNCF) has been officially launched: The SLUNCF’s Vision is to ensure ‘Saint Lucia’s biodiversity and natural resources and human and ecological communities are healthy and resilient to change’ whilst its Mission is to ‘Catalyze and support the conservation, restoration, and …

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