Jamaican fisherfolk recognised for their contribution to sustainable development

Fisher, Jamaica. Image: davidbaxendale.com

More news on fisherfolk celebrations from around the Caribbean, this time from the fishing community in Jamaica:

New Fortress Energy (NFE) has joined the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries and the Caribbean Coastal Area Management (CCAM) Foundation in lauding the hard-working men and women of the fishing community for their significant contribution to Jamaica’s economic and social development.

It comes against the background of a gathering of over 200 fishers from 11 fishing beaches across Jamaica, who met at a recent symposium for International Fisherman’s Day.

Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries Audley Shaw, during his keynote address, said: “The fisheries sector continues to be a major means of livelihood for thousands of hard-working Jamaicans, and contributes significantly to economic growth while playing an important role in ensuring the availability of [at] nutritious, affordable and accessible source of food. I am thrilled that New Fortress Energy is supporting and honouring Jamaica’s fisheries community.”

“The Government of Jamaica, through the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, is committed to the sustainable development of our fishing community so you can continue to feed your families, Jamaica and the region for years to come,” added Shaw.

Executive director for CCAM, Ingrid Parchment said: “The fishing community has been engaged in a series of meaningful discussions over the past few days around environmental conservation, boat engine care, and importantly at-sea security, especially with us being in the middle of the hurricane season. We want to thank New Fortress Energy, our headline sponsor, for their generous donation along with Food For The Poor, Jamaica Fisherman’s Co-operative, and the Fisheries Division for keeping this all-important symposium alive and ultimately, our fishing industry.”

Read more in the full report from the Jamaica Observer.

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June 29 was International Fisherman’s Day 2018.

[Image: david baxendale]

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