Green Antilles link roundup: July 22, 2018

Redonda. Image: Lauren Delizia

IUCN publishes new Guidelines for invasive species planning and management on islandsthe guidelines aim to catalyse strategic planning and assist the rational prioritization of scarce resources for successful action against IAS.

Barbados mulls offshore energy options — Barbados has opened a call for studies into the potential for offshore wind and ocean thermal energy conversion off the coast of the Caribbean island.

Scientists are speeding up coral evolution to build climate change resistanceScientists are rushing to create new “evolution assisted” coral that can survive in hotter waters. Is messing with nature the path to survival, or too dangerous to contemplate?

Chlordecone scandal in the CaribbeanFrom Repeating Islands, translated excerpts from an article and interview, published by Le Monde  on the use of the pesticide known as chlordecone in Martinique and Guadeloupe.

Baby steps towards energy reform in the Caribbean“Energy reform for the Caribbean doesn’t consist of a single direct response or solution. In fact, effective solutions are probably not as complicated as we may think.”

Belize maintains its moratorium on GMO seeds — the only cases where GMO seeds can be utilized would be to conduct research.

Guyana será 100 % renovable — El plan a medio plazo es que el país genere el 100 % de su electricidad a partir de fuentes renovables.

Video: What is a climate resilient coastal management and infrastructure program? The case of The Bahamas.


[Top photo: Lauren Delizia]


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