Green Antilles link roundup: January 6, 2019

Eagle Beach, Aruba. Image: Chris Ford

Aruba’s Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort is the Caribbean’s first carbon-neutral resort — The resort has been a pioneer in sustainability in the hospitality industry for over 30 years. From organizing beach cleanups in the very early years, to installing energy efficient appliances and supporting turtle conservation programs, the resort knows the value in environmental preservation. But two years ago, Biemans and his team set out to take it a step further and become the first carbon neutral resort in the Caribbean.

The electric vehicle revolution is alive in Barbados — The Caribbean island of Barbados is now one of the world’s top users of electric vehicles. Much the this is down to local entrepreneur Jo Edghill and her husband Simon Richards, the co-founders of Megapower. This Barbadian company has been pioneering electric vehicles (EVs) throughout the Caribbean region since 2013.

Eight amazing new plants discovered by scientists in 2018 — including Pimenta berciliae, found in the Dominican Republic and named after the mother of the Dominican scientist who aided its discovery.

German company MPC Capital investing millions in renewable energy development in the Caribbean — “We believe the Caribbean is currently one of the most attractive regions to do investment in renewable energy because there is massive political support since this region is one of the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change.”

Successful coral rescue in the Cayman Islands — The Department of Environment says a project to relocate pillar coral impacted by disease has been successful. The project involved taking coral tissue from affected reefs, growing them in coral nurseries and reattaching them to health reefs using cement.

Caribbean Maritime University to support Blue Economy initiatives in Jamaica — The Caribbean Maritime University (CMU), through its Global Affairs at the Caribbean Department, will implement several activities in 2019 to support the Government of Jamaica Blue Economy Initiatives. The Blue Economy is an emerging concept which relates to protecting, conserving and using sustainably marine resources.

[Image: Chris Ford]

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