Green Antilles link roundup: August 11, 2018

Cuba coast. Image: Alessandro Caproni

Strengthening Cuban coastal landscape in the face of climate changeThe Cuban authorities in the 1990s began to modify the management of coastal areas, which was accelerated with the implementation in 2017 of the first government plan to address climate change, better known as Life Task.

Reinventing islandsThe Thomson Reuters Foundation reports on how islands in the Caribbean and around the world are innovating to thrive in a high-stress world

Young Caymanian combating plastic pollution — Twenty-year-old Estefania McDermot has joined the ranks of those striving to make Cayman plastic-free.

Storm spurs Caribbean island to recover lost paradiseIn the British Virgin Islands, wetlands, mangroves, ponds and coral reefs are being restored to protect the village of Cane Garden Bay from future floods and storms.

How James Bond’s legacy is saving Jamaica — The founder of Island Records runs a unique conservation movement that could be a model for the entire Caribbean.

How Rihanna’s Clara Lionel Foundation is changing the emergency response model — Since 2016, CLF has donated 735,025 supplies and reached approximately 275,127 people. With hurricane season on the horizon, CLF’s work is more important than ever.

Removing predatory snails can increase coral resilience through a bleaching event — New research from Duke University suggests that removing coral predators such a the corallivorous snail Coralliophila abbreviata can further aid in reducing stress and increasing coral resilience throughout a bleaching event.

Virgin Group buys hurricane-wrecked solar farm to help rebuild Caribbean — Virgin Group’s BMR Energy announced Tuesday that it bought a 4-megawatt solar plant from NRG Energy, Inc. in St. Croix that was badly damaged during Hurricane Maria.

High tech ocean buoy aids reef research in the Cayman Islands — A state-of-the-art oceanographic buoy has been installed in Little Cayman, providing real-time data on marine and weather conditions through an interlinked cellphone app.

Video: A blue urban agenda for the Caribbean – adapting to climate change in the coastal cities

[Top image: Alessandro Caproni]

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