Event: Central Caribbean Marine Institute Reef Lecture Series

Coral reef restoration. Image via: FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute

As part of their activities to celebrate the third International Year of the Reef, the Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI) in the Cayman Islands, is launching a Reef Lecture Series. The first talk in the series will take place on February 8:

Coral Reef Restoration in the Cayman Islands: Past, Present, and Future

CCMI is introducing the Reef Lecture Series as part of efforts to promote Zero Impact for the 2018 International Year of the Reef. The event is open to everyone, and it will include some in depth, technical discussion about the corals involved in the restoration process. Join us to learn the latest about coral restoration work in Little Cayman!

Since 2012, the propagation and restoration of staghorn coral in Little Cayman has been a major focus of research efforts at the Central Caribbean Marine Institute. CCMI Project Manager and University of Florida (UF) Research Scientist Paul Maneval will discuss coral nursery development and implementation practices. He will share some of the successes in coral nursery restoration practices developed as part of his Master’s thesis work over the past two years, as well as current nursery and coral restoration projects ongoing in 2018.

Paul will also conduct a workshop that focuses on the current nurseries in Grand Cayman. Local nursery managers will be able to discuss challenges and successes of current nursery and outplanting operations in the Cayman Islands, getting further detail on current best practices in this area of research and restoration.

Visit the CCMI website to find out more about the Reef Lecture series and to book a ticket to Mr. Maneval’s lecture (admission is free, but donations are welcomed).


[Image credit: FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute]

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