Event: 4th Congress of the Cuban Society of Natural and Traditional Medicine

Aloe vera. Image: Georgia Popplewell.

The 2018 edition of the Congress of the Cuban Society of Natural and Traditional Medicine, also known as BIONAT 2018, is currently underway in Cuba:

Science, nature and tradition for life, is the slogan that will reflect the event [being held September 3 to 7] at Havana’s Convention Center and will include several symposiums, two of them of the Pan American Health Organization in conjunction with Cuba related to natural and traditional medicine in primary attention and indigenous medicine.

Another symposium to be held will be education in traditional and natural medicine, a specialty that draws 223 professionals in Cuba, said Gonzalez, who is also president of the Cuban Society in this field.
Cuba has 97 basic local products produced in laboratories in provinces and there are 56 industrial lines approved and produced in the country, the expert said.

Among those that are best sellers among the population is aloe extract, aloe creams, oregano syrup, among others.

The objective of Bionat 2018 is to promote scientific research carried out in prestigious universities, which fosters cooperation among nations, exchange of experiences, sustainable practices and transference of knowledge in addition to participatory social development and the protection of the environment.

An international and national exhibition fair of products and services will be held, starting from natural sources linked to the improvement of the quality of human life.

Several international participants are also attending the Congress:

BIONAT 2018 … will bring together professionals from Mexico, Japan, Brazil, Curacao, India, the United States, Chile, Norway, Argentina and the host nation, among other States.

The scientific sessions of the conclave will begin with the Symposium of Traditional Indigenous and Afro-Descendant Medicine, sponsored by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), the president of the organizing committee, Evelyn Gonzalez, informed in a press conference.

Also, she added, will be held the 2nd Symposium of Integrative Medicine Cuba-Japan, with a large delegation from the Asian country, interested in knowing how natural and traditional medicine (MNT) is integrated into the National Health System (SNS) of the island.

More information is available at the BIONAT 2018 website

[Image: Georgia Popplewell]

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