Closed season for bird-hunting in Guyana

Lined seed-eater. Image: Allan Hopkins

Guyana’s Wildlife and Conservation Management Commission has declared a five-month ban on the hunting of wild birds:

The period January 1, 2019 to May 31, 2019 has been declared a “closed season” for the hunting of wild birds.

This is according to a notice published by the Guyana Wildlife and Conservation Management Commission. During the period, there will be no trapping, hunting, wounding, killing or sale of wild birds.

The commission also noted on its Facebook account that during the period May 1, 2018 to July 31, 2018 the hunting of wild mammals will be prohibited.

In 2016, the passage of the Wildlife Conservation and Management Bill in the National Assembly resulted in the creation of the commission.

Its mandate  include the granting, amending and cancelling licences, permits and certificates in respect of activities related to species of wildlife; monitoring and enforcing licences, permits and certificate compliance; determining the annual ‘closed season’ timeframe for the hunting, trapping and trade of species of wild fauna.

It also includes the facilitating, promoting and supporting mechanisms whereby local indigenous villages may participate in the effective protection, conservation, management and sustainable use of wildlife on their lands.

The linked Guyana Chronicle report has more about the Wildlife and Conservation Management Commission and its mandate. Further information can also be found on the Commission’s Facebook page

The closed season notice comes on the heels of reports from the United States about an attempt to smuggle dozens of live finches from Guyana into the U.S. by stuffing them in hair curlers.

[Image: Allan Hopkins]

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