Aerial view of Aldabra in the Seychelles. Image credit: Simisa

Innovative Seychelles debt-for-nature swap could be a model for the Caribbean

The Seychelles recently declared two new major marine protected areas as part of a groundbreaking new debt-for-nature swap: The Seychelles has created two vast new marine protected areas in the Indian Ocean after a groundbreaking finance deal brokered by the Nature Conservancy and other stakeholders, including environmentalist and Oscar winner …

Science without Borders® Challenge 2018

Science without Borders Challenge 2018 – international student art contest

The Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation — Science without Borders® Challenge is an international art contest open to students between the ages of 11 and 19. Each year, the contest focuses on the need for protection and restoration of the world’s marine and aquatic ecosystems. This year’s competition celebrates …

Conch and seagrass beds, Grand Bahama. Image: Dave Wilson

For queen conch in the Bahamas, “time may be running out”

A recent article from Monga Bay analyses the worrying decline in populations of queen conch (Strombus gigas) in the Bahamas: It’s hard to adequately describe the importance of conch to the Bahamas. Conchs are ingrained in the culture; there are conch festivals, conch homecomings and conch-cracking competitions. On the Bahamian …

American researcher David Sherman in Cuba. Image via University of Michigan

US-Cuba collaboration on marine natural products research

From the University of Michigan, a story of research collaboration between scientists from the USA and Cuba.  American researcher David Sherman, supported by graduate student Amy Fraley, specializes in research into natural products, and has been building relationship with scientists in Cuba: Sherman’s research program studies the complex biological compounds …

Coral reef, Grenada. Image credit: Karli Drinkwater

Innovative research in Grenada demonstrates how coral reef restoration improves coastal resilience

Recently published research from Grenada demonstrates how healthy coral reefs help protect coastlines from flooding and erosion: Working in Grenville Bay, Grenada, the researchers showed that degradation of coral reefs is directly linked to shoreline erosion and coastal flooding in parts of the bay. The study, published February 1 in …

Coral close-up. Image credit: Mathias Appel

Coral bleaching has become the new normal

A recently published study reveals that mass coral bleaching is occuring with increasing regularity, posing a major threat to marine ecosystems and the lives they support: A new study published in the journal Science reveals that such events occurred just once every 25-30 years in the early 1980s, but that …

Grand Anse beach, Grenada. Image credit: Wayne Hsieh.

Grenada officially declares the Grand Anse Marine Protected Area

The famed Grand Anse beach is now part of Grenada’s newest Marine Protected Area (MPA): The Government of Grenada has officially launched the Grand Anse Marine Protected Area (GAMPA), which stretches from the entrance of Port Louis Marina in the north to the southernmost point of the Maurice Bishop International …