Diving for Bermuda. Image credit: Hamilton Princess Hotel

Bermuda hotel launches marine conservation awareness website

The Hamilton Princess Hotel in Bermuda has launched a new website to raise awareness about the island’s marine life and the need to preserve it. Dive Photo Guide reports: The Hamilton Princess hotel’s conservation campaign is built around an informative website that shares interesting facts about the various marine species …

5th International Marine Conservation Congress

Call for Abstracts – 5th International Marine Conservation Congress

The 2018 International Marine Conservation Congress will be held in Malaysia, June 24 to 29. Organizers are inviting abstracts for oral, speed and poster presentations: The overall theme of the Congress is Making Marine Science Matter. For marine conservation to be effective, marine conservation science must matter to stakeholders, policy …

Coral reef, Cayman Islands. Image credit: Twilight Zone Expedition Team 2007, NOAA-OE

Cayman Islands Brewery supports coral reef conservation

The Cayman Islands Brewery is partnering with the Central Caribbean Marine Institute to reduce waste and its impacts on coral reefs: The Central Caribbean Marine Institute has partnered with the Cayman Islands Brewery to promote a “Zero Impact” on local coral reefs initiative. For every case of Cayman Islands Brewery …

Laughing Bird Caye, Belize. Image credit: Chuck Taylor

Belize moves to impose a moratorium on oil exploration and extraction in its territorial waters

In December 2017, the Parliament of Belize passed legislation that  will effectively ban oil exploration and extraction in Belize’s maritime waters: Belize, home of the largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere, permanently suspended oil activity in its ocean waters. The legislation marks the first time that a developing country …

Peter A. Murray - Programme Manager, Fisheries Management and Development, CRFM Secretariat, lecturing to participants. Image credit: CRFM

Caribbean countries better equipped to fight illegal, unreported or unregulated fishing

Coast Guard and Marine Police officers in the Eastern Caribbean recently received training in Fisheries Prosecution and Interdiction: Twenty border control officers from six Member States of the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM) completed a three-week training course in Fisheries Prosecution and Interdiction, organized by the Barbados-based Regional Security System …

Soufrière Scotts Head Marine Reserve, Scott's Head, Commonwealth of Dominica. Image credit: Wayne Hsieh

For optimal marine reserve design, take tourism into account

A new research article argues, based on a bioeconomic model, that “accounting for tourism benefits will ultimately motivate greater ocean protection” when it comes to the design and management of marine reserves: Marine reserve design often considers potential benefits to conservation and/or fisheries but typically ignores potential revenues generated through …

[Image credit: Karen H. Koltes/Daniel C. Miller]

Results of 25 years of Caribbean coastal monitoring data now available

The Caribbean Coastal Marine Productivity Program (CARICOMP) has been running for 25 years, monitoring the health of coastal ecosystems in the wider Caribbean region. Results from that monitoring have recently been published. Via Science Daily: A team including Smithsonian marine biologists just released 25 years of data about the health …