St. Maarten after Hurricane Irma. Image: Netherlands Red Cross via IFRC
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Briefing paper on ‘building back better’ in the Caribbean

The Overseas Development Institute (ODI) recently published a briefing paper titled ‘Building back better’: a resilient Caribbean after the 2017 hurricanes: There is no ‘quick fix’ for building resilience in the Caribbean, but disasters do provide a space for reflection, as well as an opportunity for policies and investments that …

Webinar: Gender Mainstreaming In Global Climate Finance Mechanisms. Image via Women's Environment and Development Organization.
Climate Change

Webinar: Gender mainstreaming in global climate finance mechanisms – February 1, 2018

On Thursday February 1, 2018, the Women’s Environment and Development Organization (WEDO) will be presenting a webinar on gender mainstreaming in global climate finance mechanisms: Join us for the second session of our five part series on women’s rights and climate finance, aiming to build knowledge and power to ensure …

1.5 to stay alive. Image via
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UN draft reports says 1.5 global warming goal is “very unlikely” but doable

1.5 to stay alive has been the climate change rallying cry of the Caribbean and other small island developing states even before it became an official target under the Paris Agreement. A draft UN report says that the goal of keeping global temperature increases below 1.5 ºCelsius is unlikely to be …

Webinar: Electricity Resilience in the Caribbean
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Webinar: How can the Caribbean and other island regions improve the resilience of their energy systems? – January 31, 2018

On January 31, 2018, Solar Head of State will be hosting a webinar on creating a more sustainable energy future for the Caribbean: The changes in our climate have created conditions that are dangerous to the safety of our communities and expose us to huge financial risk. The good news …

Frankfurt School of Finance and Management Climate Adaptation Finance e-learning course
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Frankfurt School of Finance and Management e-learning course: Climate Adaptation Finance

The Frankfurt School of Finance and Management offers a six-month e-learning course on Climate Adaptation Finance: This course is suitable for both public and private sector practitioners, including entrepreneurs, project developers, private investors, initiator/fund houses, international development finance consultants and managers, plant operators and manufacturers, engineers and advisory professionals (e.g. …

Havana, Cuba. Image credit: Pedro Szekely
Climate Change

Cuba embarks on a long-term climate resilience plan

The impacts of Hurricane Irma in 2017 have lent urgency to Cuba’s national climate change adaptation plan, known as Tarea Vida or Project Life: On its deadly run through the Caribbean last September, Hurricane Irma lashed northern Cuba, inundating coastal settlements and scouring away vegetation. The powerful storm dealt Havana …

Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas). Image credit: Kris-Mikael Krister

Rising temperatures are turning green turtle eggs female

Recently published research from Australia shows that rising temperatures are affecting the nesting populations of green turtles on the Great Barrier Reef, causing them to produce offspring that are 99% female: Rising temperatures are turning almost all green sea turtles in a Great Barrier Reef population female, new research has …