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Flamingos, BonaireThe territories of the Dutch Caribbean recently met to develop a five-year nature policy:

On October 13th the first workshop for the formulation of a Nature Policy Plan for the Dutch Caribbean [was] held in Bonaire. The main stakeholders of Saba, Sint Eustatius and Bonaire in the area of nature conservation and protection [came] together to discuss the structure and content of this policy.

As the basis for the workshop, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation (EL&I) evaluated the nature policy of the Netherlands Antilles of the past ten years. That evaluation is now completed and serves as the basis for establishing the structure of a new nature policy for the Dutch Caribbean for the next five years.

At the … workshop, the rough structure of the policy [was] discussed and developed further. The result will then be further developed in close consultation with all stakeholders into a complete nature policy. The definitive nature policy will then be presented to the Minister of EL&I who is responsible to establish it.

The formulation of a five year nature policy for the Dutch Caribbean is a legal obligation which is based on the Law of Principle of Nature Management and Protection BES. This law requires for the nature policy to contain at least the achievable objectives concerning nature and the landscape. It should also include: the priorities that should be addressed in the field of nature and the landscape; the conservation of values that should be taken into consideration and a list of national parks (both on land and at sea) that consist of nature parks established by Island Ordinance or Ministerial Decree.


[Photo: Dan Hershman]

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